We provide a comprehensive range of Email Solutions for all.


A mail box gives you the ability to store email and collect it when you want to using a program like Windows Mail, Apple Mail or our free Webmail program. You can use mail boxes in conjunction with our free catch-all email forwarding or normal email forwarding feature, for example you could set all This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to go to your mail box and then collect this mail with your email App on your device.

Our Hosting Packages all have integrated email accounts but if you want either a 'simple email account' only or need the power of Microsoft's Exchange Email then check our our specialist offerings below:

iM8SImpleMail icon transSimpleMail

£6.00 pa (£5.00 pa + VAT)

Email Accounts
Monthly Bandwidth
Email Forwarding
Distribution Lists
Support Database




£12.00 pa (£10.00 pa + VAT)

PremiumMail boxes1 come in 2Gb increments each costing £10.00pa, up to a maximum size of 10Gb.


Exchange Email

£7.50 pm (£6.25 pm + VAT); £85 pa (£70.83 pa + VAT)

An Exchange mailbox1 keeps you connected wherever you go, thanks to a 50GB capacity, free mobile device support and Outlook Web Access (webmail). Enterprise level spam filtering and virus scanning making Exchange the most comprehensive email solution available. Outlook provides you with a rich email interface, full forwarding and autoresponder features, along with individual and shared calendars, contact lists, and task lists. Comes with a FREE copy of Microsoft Outlook 2013.


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1 provided as additional service(s) to an InternetM8 Hosting Package