eMail Errors

We occasionally find that eMail software on computers, smartphones and other devices report errors when attempting to access eMail.

Typically the error report displayed includes the following (the wording varies depending upon the platform and application concerned):

"Cannot Verify Server Identity"

There are several possible reasons for this but, fortunately, there is a simple work around that is usually effective. 

When we configure SSL Certificates for domains we host we automatically include certain 'subdomains' and these include the subdomain used for eMail which is the 'mail.' subdomain.  This is why we will have sent you instructions to use for both the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server settings.

If you are seeing the error on your screen then we recommend that you take the following steps, starting with:

  • close your mail client and then reboot the device

if the error persists then:

  • replace ‘’ in both the INCOMING MAIL SERVER and the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER (SMTP) with ‘’ – this ‘forces’ the Mail app calls to the primary domain on the mail server which has its own SSL certificate

if you continue to experience the error then please Contact Us.



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